Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bravo Galliano!

Have visited my family recently and as I was showing brother Arkadiusz collections for men for Spring/Summer 2012 , I gave him a little intro before each collection, and there so he learned about Dior-Galliano affair. To those who didn't follow: Galliano working for Dior as a head designer since 1996 , got fired in March 2011 after an incident that happened after John drunk too much and expressed his alcohol-influenced point of view about two jewish girls in Paris. Ever since Dior was looking for his replacement and sadly couldn't tempt Marc Jacobs to work for them. Guess why ???I think if you let your most creative artist to go in 5 seconds after years of common happiness, youre just showing lack of loyalty and ... suffer the lack of new talents coming.

Ok, enough of gossip, hte most important and striking is the comparison of both fashion giants in latest Menswear for SS 2012. Have a look:

Dior Men SS 2012


John Galliano Men SS 2012

And now, my brother's answer to that two shows was : " People working in Dior probably went : lets make a white suit, and after they've done it ,they went: lets think about some crazy colours! And they came up with!!". My feelings drifted to Galliano aswell, and I am proud of him and his new e-shop which you can check here: since 18th November.
P.S. I hope that Dior will get better at some point, as poor Christian (Dior) can not rest in peace now !

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